2+ Free Power of Authorization Letter Sample & Examples

The Power of Authorization letter is very similar to a power of attorney since it is the only document which is counted in the context of the power authorization. So here you can find the examples in PDF format. ower of Attorney or POA is the legal document which is used for the purpose of transferring the power from the one person to the other. The person who has the genuine power or authority is known as the principal, while the other person to whom the power is transferred is known as the agent.

This POA can be used in the situations such as when a person becomes disabled or incapacitated to take the legal decision in the context of any property such as transferring the right of the property or taking the decision in the context of taking care of the property.

Once the power is transferred from the principal to the agent using the POA then the agent enjoys the legal rights of the property, and is entitled to take any decision as has been intended in the attorney. This document is very useful at some specific situation unless it is misused or abused by the agent. 

Here in this article we are going to provide you the template of this power of authorization letter, which is used just like the power of attorney and serves the same purpose.

This article will help you to understand this legal document, and using the template you can make the most of it in your own purpose.

Power of Attorney Authorization Letter Sample

Well, POA may be a new term for the people who are going to use it for the very first time and we presume that they don't have any idea about its working system either. Keeping it in our consideration here we are providing them with the sample reference of this POA letter.

You are strongly advised to have a look of this sample it will provide you with some basic idea as to how this document exactly looks alike and what are the terms used in this document.

Power of Attorney Authorization Letter Sample


The sample will provide you with a thorough understanding of the document, and on the basis of it you would be able to grasp the concept of it. This will make you clear of the legal terms and also the concept, that how it transfers the legal powers from the principal to the agent.

Special Power of Attorney Authorization Letter Sample

POA may be of the certain types and the two major types are the general POA and the Durable POA. In general POA the powers or the rights are transferred from the principal to the agent, when the principal becomes incapacitated to take the decision or the principal is going out of the region of the property for the time being purpose. General POA comes to an end if the principal dies anytime soon, and the POA is nullified from the immediate effect. 
On the other hand Durable POA is the one which remains into the existence and in the applicability even after the death of the principal, until the term of the POA is expired or is reverted by the principal itself.

Special Power of Attorney Authorization Letter Sample

Special POA is the one which is created for the special or the specific purpose, and is not the general category POA.The special purpose may be anything, but has to be mentioned in the POA document. This kind of POA comes to an end as soon as the special purpose is accomplished. Here below you  can see the sample of this special POA authorization letter, so that you can write your own. You can also use the template itself for this purpose.

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