Sample of Authorization Letter Template with Example

Hi everyone, if you are doing search for getting information about Authorization letter then your search ends here. Today in this article I will discuss all parameters of Authorization letter. So, you do not need to move anywhere else now. You are right place. Here, you will get to know about all the desired information regarding Authorization letter. Like what authorization letter is, how you can write this letter, what is the format of the authorization letter, examples and type of authorization letter etc? So, here we start with our topic “Authorization letter”. Authorization letter can be written for personal as well as for professional purpose.

What is Letter of Authorization

Authorization letter is a kind of confirmation letter which is used to describe the authority, ability, rank of the particular person. And this letter is basically bond with legal contract which specifies sum of duties, responsibilities and power of the person. This kind of letter is used to grant responsibilities to the trustable person. Now these responsibilities can be legal, health/medical, business or can be personal also. One important thing is this letter consists of certain time period. So, while writing this letter you need to mention the time-frame also.

How to write an authorization letter

Now, move to the next important section that is how to write the authorization letter. As I mentioned above, this Authorization letter used to grant responsibilities and duties assigned to the trustable person in terms of legal, medical, business or personal. So, you need to mention the addressee’s legal name and can also stuck towards the legal terms so that it can be verified easily.

You can write this authorization letter in simple formal language. But letter should sound serious in nature also. And this letter is used to give particular authority to the specified person so; you should need to give full attention towards the writing content of the letter.

Authorization Letter format

Like other documents and letters this letter is also written in specific format. You can’t write anything in a random way in this letter. This letter needs to be written in structured, organized manner. There is proper format to write this letter. The format can vary from purpose to purpose. But important things remain the same.  Here, I am listing some points you need to mention in the Authorization letter:

  • Authorization letter consists of the name and contact of Addressee.
  • After that recipient details.
  • Subject of the Authorization letter
  • Description of the letter. The letter should also mention the time-frame assigned to the recipient.
  • Then at the end conclusion part.

Sample Authorization Letter template

After knowing about the authorization letter, there remains a little bit confusion to how to write the authorization letter. These templates helps to get us know about the layout or image of the Authorization letter. Here, I will provide you the sample of Authorization letter template. So, that you can have a look and it will become easy for you to write the letter in proper manner.


How to make Authorization Letter

To make an authorization letter is not a difficult task. You need to be aware about the terms and facts you are mentioning in the letter.  The letter you are going to make should be in formal language so that can easily be understood by everyone. For the legal facts you can take help of someone who is expert or aware about legal terms.  You just need to follow the format rules and need to write the content in proper, clean and understandable manner so that the person who gets these authorities can understand all the terms properly.


Example of Authorization Letter

Examples help us to understand things properly. So, here I will provide you the examples of each sub-category which I’m going to discuss in this article. Here, I am providing yo the sample or general example for the authorization letter so that you can understand the format of the authorization letter.

Authorization Letter Sample to act on behalf

In the authorization letter categories here, comes the authorization letter to act on behalf. When in Authorization letter you authorize someone to act on behalf to you is comes under this category. That means when you gave your responsibilities to someone else. Sometimes because of professional or personal issues you will not be able to continue with your authority or responsibilities then you can assign your authorities to the other person by mentioning that person name in this letter. Here, I will provide you the sample of this letter to act on behalf of. Have a look at this for better understanding.


Letter of the Authorization form

Letter of authorization form is used when you assign duties or responsibilities on the basis of legal terms for social and professional aspect. It consists of the line “to whomsoever it may concern”. It describes all the transfer of duties and authorities to the person.

Medical Authorization Letter

The next category I going to discuss here is Medical authorization letter. In this medical authorization letter we give medical authority to someone else. Like, if you are taking care of your special one’s or beloved one’s like grandmother, mother, father or kid. And they need medication on the regular basis but now you are not able to continue with.

Then you need to assign your responsibility to some another person. For this purpose, the letter you will prefer is medical authorization letter. In this letter, you do not require to write down whole the information. Just try to be formal, official and give your identification in the letter, and describe the responsibility to another person in a very polite way. And do not forget to write down necessary information like doctors contact details and descriptions in the letter so that the person can easily handle out your responsibilities.

Authorization letter to pick up Passport

Suppose you need your passport on urgent basis but you are not present at the moment to pick your passport form the office. Then you need to ask someone to carry your passport. But here the authorities of the passport agency will not provide passport to anyone randomly they need proper proof to handle out the passport to another person. So, for this purpose you need to write an authorization letter to pick up passport. In this letter need to mention your reason not to able to pick passport and the assigned person identity and relation with you and he/she is the trustable one so that they can provide your passport to that person.

Sample letter of authorization to represent

Now, here comes the next section, authorization letter to represent. When we are writing an authorization letter we are representing someone for the particular authority. You can consider it as a case of power of attorney also. Where, you gave particular power regarding finance, business and personal decisions to someone whom you can trust. Here, I am going to provide you this letter of AUTHORIZATION to represent, this can give clear vision to you regarding this term.


Power of Attorney Letter sample Authorization

In case of power of attorney you provide you’re financial, banking, business or any other kind of responsibilities to the other person. Here, the power of attorney can also be for care taking of child until he/she gets 18 years old or because of health issues you are not able to take profitable decisions for your business then you need to assign someone as your alternative. So, in all these scenarios you need to write the power of attorney which describes all these facts along with the legal terms or conditions so, that if the person will not be able to handle out responsibilities properly so that he/she cannot be able to continue with the rights further. Or power of attorney can be assigned for some time period limit also. So, in that case you need to write down the time-period for the power of attorney also.

Sample Insurance Appeal Letter for no Authorization

Insurance appeal letter for no authorization is used for the denial of claims. Like for example the person is suffering from serious health issues and is admitted to the emergency ward. Then they need money for the treatment in that case you can appeal for the denial of claims and provide you with the money so that can be used for the treatment of the person. Here, I will provide you the sample of the insurance appeal for no authorization so, that after reading the sample you will get to know about this letter format and what needs to be described in this letter.

Authorization Letter for minor to Travel without Parents

Suppose you are a part of travel trip in which it is mandatory to come along with parents but you cannot come along with your parents because of some issues. But you want to go the trip in that case your parents need to take the permission to come to the travel trip without them. So, you need to write the Authorization letter for minor to travel without parents. You can mention the reason why you can’t come along with your child so that the letter gets permitted easily. Here, I will also provide you the sample which can help you in writing such kind of letters. This letter is written on behalf of parents so that their child can travel alone to the higher authority of the organization.

Authorization Letter Sample to process Documents

You want to process your documents early but here, it is taking a lot of time. So, in that case you are suggested to take permission of higher authority for this. So, you can go for higher authority with the request to generate the authorization letter to process documents. And your work can be done on fast manner. You can write down the reason for processing the documents soon.


Bank authorization letter

You want to make transactions from your bank account like in case of power of attorney the third person will access your bank services in that case you need to take permission from the bank. You need to write down the authorization letter to the bank so that the bank allows you get access of bank services and can perform transactions from your bank account.

Authorization letter for the child to travel

Suppose your child lives in boarding school or hostel and he/she wants to come back home or go some other place for some urgent work or holiday purpose. Then the wardens will not allow the child to travel alone. In this case the kids need your help. You can write the authorization letter that the child is able to travel and request the higher authority to give permission to the kid.


Agent Authorization Letter

Agent Authorization letter comes in the category of power of attorney. In which the agent is the person who will get all the authorities or power. Or the agent can be the customer who is getting in touch with some contract or deal. Then the agent needs to perform signature on the legal documents or letter. These documents are agent authorization letter. Here, I am providing you the sample below for this.

Signature Authorization Letter

This kind of authorization letter is used in a formal way when you assign someone as the signature authority when you are not available. Take the example of school, colleges or organizations there is always a vice president or principle who perform sign task when the president or principle is not available and you want the signature of the principle. Now, vice principle signatures are also valid in this case. This happens because the vice principal have the authority to do signature when principle is not available. Hope this Example clarifies you the term of signature authorization letter.

Authorization Letter to get Documents

You want to get your documents back from the school, college and firm etc. Then most of the times they ask you to write down the letter that you want all the documents back along with the higher authority signatures and your identity proof as well. So, this kind of scenario held in the category of authorization letter to get documents. Here, is the sample authorization for this in the below.

Credit card authorization letter

If someone is assessing your credit card then he/she needs to have credit payment verification proof. Like photocopy of both the sides of the credit card. Passport copy of the credit holder as well. And along with these he/she also needs to have authorization letter in which it is mentioned that the particular person can use your credit card. Here, from the sample, you will get to understand more about this letter.

Notarized Authorization Letter

If here comes the topic of notary then it clearly deals with the legal terms and authorities. This notarized letter is mostly used for business activities but can also be used for personal purposes also. And whenever you stuck in to trouble you can take help of this letter. For any kind of authorization letter if it is notarized then it means that it is a valid authorization letter and no one can deny your letter. In the notarized authorization letter the notary stamp is stated in the end of the letter.

So, it is all about the Authorization letter. Hope this article clarifies all your queries and doubts regarding the authorization letter. I have provided you the whole information regarding this authorization letter still if you think something is missing in this article then do not hesitate and send me your feedbacks. All kinds of feedback will be appreciated over there. Your suggestions and comments help to improve me for writing the articles.

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