4+ Free Sample of Authorization Letter For SSS Templates in PDF

The most common use of an authorization letter is to give someone the responsibility to claim any documents for them. So if you have any such requirement you can use the authorization letter for SSS we have provided here. This letter provides us with the right to claim the legal documents from the higher authorities through another person. By this, you can get authority for any of the reason. Letter of Authorization for SSS available on this post.

SSS basically stands for the Social Security System which is the general insurance program of the Philippines. It provides several kinds of benefits to the working employees in the form of insurance, salary loan, calamity loans, etc.

If you are someone who is living in the Philippines and is covered by the SSS program of the country then you can avail the certain kinds of the benefits from this program.
In this article, we are basically going to discuss the several kinds of authorization letters for the SSS program which you will need in several contexts.

Letter of Authorization for SSS Loan

Well, if you are a salaried person and fall under the category of SSS loan department then yes you can avail the loan from your respective workplace.
The loan will be granted to you by your respective workplace in lieu of the deduction from your salary, which means a certain sum of money will be deducted from your salary and it will be given to you in the form of a loan.

As an employee, you will need an authorization letter in this regard to authorize the authorities which can approve your request of a loan.

Authorization Letter for SSS Loan

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Authorization Letter for SSS Verification

Well, if you are an employee who is making a contribution to the SSS program and want some other person to check your contribution in the SSS, then you can make such authorization.

Yes, you will need to make the verification of such kind of authorization with the name of the authorized person and once the verification of the same is made then the other person will be able not just to check your contribution but also make their contribution on your behalf.

You can get the template of this letter of authorization for SSS verification from here and then it can be used accordingly by you.

Authorization Letter for SSS Verification

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If you are willing to make the authorization either for the loan or for authorizing the other person to check your contribution or make the contribution on your behalf in the SSS account then you will need this authorization letter.

We know that it is a general social insurance program, which leaves the benefits to the employee in the various forms and an employee may make a contribution of a certain sum.

There may be the scenarios where this sum of money can be contributed by the other person on behalf of the concerned employee and this is when this authorization letter comes into play.

Sample Authorization Letter for SSS

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How to Make Authorization for SSS

If you are willing to make the authorization for your SSS account but have no idea as to how you should get going with it then we will help you in this regard.

Here we are assuming a hypothetical situation when you are willing to authorize some other person to receive your SSS cheque on your behalf.

Write the date on the top left side of the letter.

Below is just mentions the head authorities to whom this letter of authorization has to be addressed.

Write the subject matter below it.

Now coming to the salutation part where you need to address the authorities such as "Dear Sir/Madam"

Next coming to the main body of the letter there specify the name of the person whom you are willing to receive your SSS cheque on your behalf.

Write the full name of the authorized person along with the proper address so that the authorization can be made with the full proof of identity.

Now you may just end the letter with your official signature at the end which will be used to validate the authorization.

How to Make Authorization Letter for SSS

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