Authorization Letter Template to Pick Up [Passport, Documents]

An Authorization letter to pick up can be used to authorize a person to collect a letter, parcel or documents on your behalf. So here we have provided you with the templates in PDF format. These letters are widely used at the situation when there is a requirement of picking up any article, document or anything else, but the concerned person can’t be at the place to pick up such stuff. Thus to avoid any losses, this letter can be used to address any person to claim the articles on their behalf.

Sample Authorization Letter for Pick Up with Examples

Here we shall share some useful templates of these authority letters, which are addressed to the concerned person to get anything picked up by authorizing them. So in order to know more, please go through the entire article about these letters and get the templates as well for the same.

Sample Authorization Letter to Pick Up Passport

Passport is a very significant document which has to be picked up generally from the passport authority’s office by the person who has applied for it. There might come a point where you might not able to collect your passport from the authorities due to the lack of time or other such reasons. 

So in such situations, there is a protocol which needs to be followed, through which you need to address the authority letter to the passport authority. Through this, the applicant of the passport can authorize some other person on his/her behalf to collect the passport. This is the easy way by which the passport can be picked up by the authorized person.
The authorization must be made in the genuine format and language like below.

  • You have to start the authorization letter by your name and also mention the person whom you are giving authority to.
  • Clearly, mention that the mentioned person is being authorized for the collection of the passport. 
  • Mention that you understand all the terms of this authorization letter and agree to them. 
  • At the end of the letter, put your official signature and don’t forget to mention the date at the end.

Sample Authorization Letter to Pick Up Passport

Authorization Letter to Pick Up Car

Your car might have met an accident and is in the custody of the insurance company, but you don’t have time to pick up your car from the insurance company. Since a car is a valuable asset, you can authorize your family member or any trustworthy person to claim the car from the higher authority on your behalf.

The authorization in this context must be made using the proper format of the letter. 

  • Start the letter of authorization by mentioning your name as the owner of the vehicle.
  • After that provide the basic information about the vehicle such as model number, maker name etc.
  • Now in the main part of the letter write the name of the person who is being authorized to pick up the letter.
  • Put your signature at the end of the letter. For further legalizing your document, you can get it notarized by the notary public.

Authorization Letter to Pick Up Car

Authorization Letter to Pick Up Child from School

In the present scenario, it’s getting a quite normal trend that the parents of the kids generally keep the other person, who drops the kids to their school and then pick up as well. The person generally represents the parents for picking up the kids from school, as the parents don’t have that much time for this routine task. 
Schools now have started asking for the legal authorization from the parents of the kids to render them the legal proof of authorization to let some other people pick the kids from school. The purpose of the letter is to save the kids from any mishaps such as the abduction etc. 

  • The letter must be addressed to the school with its clear name in the introductory part.
  • After this in the main body, you would be required to clearly write the subject matter of authorization.
  • Write the name of the person who would be dropping or picking up the kids from school in a routine way.
  • Attach some other legal identity of the authorized person and put your signature at the end.

Authorization Letter to Pick Up Documents

Authorization Letter to Pick Up Child from School

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