Free Sample Authorization Letter Template To Collect Passport

Passport is an important document which is only authorized to be collected by the recipient of the passport. So an authorization letter for a passport is used to delegate the responsibility of collecting passport to someone else

We all know that a passport is a very significant document for all of us since we all use it in order to make our move from one country to the other. Passport is issued by the embassy of a particular government after verifying a legal process for the candidate who has made the application for the passport issuance.
As we have already discussed that passport is issued by the embassy of the particular passport authorities of the country. It is generally issued only to the person on whose name the passport is issued, however, in some certain situations, a passport can be issued to some other person as well on the behalf of the original person.

A particular authorization letter is addressed by a person in order to authorities some other person on behalf of him/her to collect the passport from the authorities.

So for the same purpose, you can find here templates which you can use in order to execute this authorization task so that some other person can collect your passport on your behalf. 

Authorization Letter To Collect Passport From VFS

VFS global is basically an international passport and visa management company which manages the tasks related to the visa and passport issuance. It is a private company yet it works on behalf of the government and is having the solid power to manage the related tasks. 

If your passport is in the authority of the VFS and due to some reason you can’t be present at their office to collect your passport, then you can authorize some other person. Yes, the other legally authorized person would be having the power to claim your passport from the VFS originally on your behalf. 
Here is the template of this authorization letter which you can use in this context. It has been designed in the formal format and will serve your such purpose in a good manner.

Authorization Letter To Collect Passport On My Behalf India

All the Indian residents who have made their application for the passport are advised to collect their respective passports from the concerned passport issuing office.

If any of you is having the issue of not being able to collect your passport then just like the other counseling, Indian passport offices also offer you the facility of appointing or authorizing some other person to collect your passport very easily. 

What you have to do is just to take the template of this authorization letter from the article and then make the proper authorization in the letter.

You need to mention the name of the person in the letter along with the purpose and the cause of such authorization. This letter will be addressed to the concerned passport authority in order to make this authorization effective.

Authorization Letter To Collect Passport Sample

Well, a sample of the authorization letter for the passport collection is a very significant letter which can help all the people who are going to write this letter for the very first time.

So, if you are also going to write it for the first time then here is how this letter should be written

  • Take the top left side of the letter and there write the informing words as “To Whom It May Concern”
  • Now mention the date below it then write the name of the passport authority office to whom the letter is being addressed.
  • Below it writes the proper address of the passport office and mentions the date as well.
  • Now in the salutation, you need to address the authority in a respective manner such as Dear Sir/Ma’am.
  • Then in the next line start elaborating the purpose of the letter which is to authorize the other person to collect your passport from the authorities on your behalf.
  • Be specific and mention the reason for such authorization in the formal language. 
    Mention the name and attach the id of the person who is being authorized.
  • At last end the letter with your official signature in order to confirm this authorization. 

Show your regards and address it to the authorities.


Authorization Letter To Collect Passport From Post Office

There may be the instances when the passport is addressed to the person by the post office mode and from there it is the responsibility of the person to collect the passport from the post office. Post office will issue the passport only to the person whose name is written on it and not to any other person unless there is the proper authorization for the same. 

So, if you are unable to collect your passport from the post office then we recommend you to authorize any of your close friend or the family member to collect it for you. We have attached the template of this authorization letter in this section which you can use to make this authorization.


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