Example of Authorization Letter Sample Free Download

An authorization letter sample can be written for various purposes where you need to claim any document or represent someone for any event or activity. So here we bring you today Authorization letter templates for two widely used purposes, i.e., Authorization letter for NSO and Authorization Letter for Claiming.

Example of Authorization Letter For NSO

NSO or the National Statistics Office is the primary statistics office of any country. It keeps the records of a wide range of statistical data for research and analysis purposes. So if you want to claim any document from NSO such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. you are required to be physically present to do so. But in circumstances when you are not able to be physically present to collect the document, you can authorize any person to collect it on your behalf. So this document is a must to show proof if someone questions your authority to collect a document on someone’s else’s behalf.

Example of Authorization Letter for NSO

Here we are providing you with letter of authorization for NSO in PDF, Excel and Word formats. These templates are downloadable and printable so you can edit them according to your preference and authorize someone to collect NSO documents on your behalf.

Example of Authorization Letter For Claiming

Sometimes we have to collect important documents or have to take an important decision but we might not have the legal authority to do so. Some examples of these situations include deriving medical information, claiming the money, etc. In such situations, an Authorization letter for Claiming any document can be used to hire services of a trusted person or agency to claim the documents from the respective agencies on your behalf. Hence this is a legal method of claiming documents through someone who is legally authorized to so.

Example of Authorization Letter for Claiming

So if you are looking for Authorization Letter for Claiming, you can download and print these samples of Authorization Letter for Claiming in PDF and Word formats. So you can customize them and claim your documents through a third party.

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