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Authorization letter can be used at very sensitive situations just like the power of attorney by which you can represent yourself using the other person. Using the authorisation letter you can make some other person to be acting on your behalf, when you can’t yourself be present on the spot itself.
In this article we are going to discuss about the authorisation letter to act on behalf of some person or organization, thus if you are a person or the head of any organisation then these letters can really help you in this regard.

We urge you to go through the entire article in order to have the templates of these letters. 

Authorization Letter to Represent on Behalf of Company

A company is just an artificial person which can although be signed on its own name, but it needs another person who can represent it on the legal matters such as before the court or other such events.

This is why there is always the person who acts on behalf of the company and this person is generally the manager and the CEO of the company.

  • You can appoint or authorise some other person as well to represent the company and this is how the letter should be written.
  • The authorization letter should be addressed to the stakeholders of the company as they are the ones who are affected with the decisions of the company.
  • It should be a general authorization letter in which it should be clearly mentioned that the particular person is being authorised on the  behalf of the company for the particular set of actions or for the general actions.
  • Write the effective date of the representation and then end the letter with the seal of the company.

Authorization Letter to Represent on Behalf of Company
Authorization Letter Behalf of Me

Well, it’s not the company that can be represented by a person rather a person can also be represented by some other person.Yes you heard it right you can appoint some other person to represent yourself at the matters or the situations where you can’t be present yourself. 
You will need to write the authorisation letter to make this representation effective and here is how you can write this letter. 

Suppose you want to authorise the person to act on your behalf for the Banking transactions and then you will write the letter as following.
Write the name of Bank Manager and then the address of the Bank branch below.

  • Write the subject matter of the letter.
  • Provide your details such as your name and Bank account details.
  • Now start the main body of the authorisation letter.
  • In the main body mention the name of the person whom you are authorising in the letter.
  • State clearly that by this letter you are authorising the other person to act on your behalf for the Banking transactions.

End the letter with your genuine signature and regards.

Authorization Letter Behalf of Me

Authorization Letter Behalf of Company

In the above section we discussed about the authorisation letter to represent the company where the authorisation is made to be representing the company by a particular person. Here in this authorization letter on behalf of the company you can make the other person to get into any kind of transactions on behalf of the company.

This type of authorization letters are commonly used in the corporate world where an agent can be authorised on behalf of the company to get into the business deals with the name of the company.You can have the sample of this letter from here or you can get its template as well to be used in your purpose.

Authorization Letter Behalf of Company

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